The Advent PQD-9002 desktop PC – available from PC World

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PC World has announced that they’ll be exclusively stocking the Advent PQD-9002 desktop PC. This looks like being a good, media-centre, family PC.

It’s got an AMD Phenom X4 9350, 2GHz, Quad-Core processor with a 512MB ATI Radeon HD4350 graphics card so it should be able to handle gaming pretty well as well as playing video without any lag. There’s 4GB of RAM in there and has a fairly substantial 640GB hard-drive so you can store plenty of media as well.

The Advent PQD-9002 will cost just under £600 with an 18.5-inch LG monitor. It will cost slightly more if you want a bigger screen – 20 and 22-inch monitors are also available. It’s a shame it hasn’t got a Blu-ray drive but it’s not a bad price for what you’re getting.

If you’re interested, order one from PC World.

Shiny Video Review: Advent 4213 Netbook

Zara got her hands on the Advent 4213 netbook the other day, and she liked it a lot. For me though, it seems to be trying to be a full-size laptop, rather than a diminutive netbook. It’s got a 10.2″ screen, a massive hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and it runs Windows XP – three things which I avoided when buying my Aspire One netbook a couple of months ago.

Still, if you’re not the sort of person who wants the full-on Linux-and-SSD netbook experience, then perhaps it’s for you. Check out the video above to see.

Advent UK

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Microsoft Equipt launching in UK next Monday: rent Office software


Microsoft has announced that it will be launching its Equipt software subscription service in the UK next week. We announced the service in July, when it became available to US customers for $70 per year.

The service offers Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, Windows Live OneCare, and Windows Live tools for an annual subscription of £59.99 (the exchange rate rip-off is at work again). It will initially be sold through PC World.