Console your lost luggage grief at Heathrow Terminal Five with a 25% discount on Shure headphones


If you’re a member of the British Airways Executive Club, you would’ve received an email today announcing an “altogether unique shopping experience” at Heathrow Terminal Five.

Now, you wouldn’t get me down to Terminal Five for love or money, but if you’re an unfortunate sod who happened to book your holiday before checking the terminal at Heathrow you’re departing from, it may cheer you up slightly…

PC World/3 Mobile broadband offer now includes MacBook Air

macbook_air_back.jpgGood news for anyone contemplating buying a MacBook Air, who is also looking for a decent mobile broadband package. PC World and 3 have announced that they’re extending their discounted PC offer to now include the slinky new MacBook Air.

Anyone signing up for the £35 per month mobile broadband service can now opt to get £250 off the new MacBook Air. That’s £100 less of a discount than other deals, but it’s still a saving worth having if you want the machine and were planning to make the most of the service as well.

As Stuart mentioned in the first announcement, it will otherwise end up costing you a lot more. Still, it’s not a bad way of getting hold of one of the most hotly talked about notebooks at a reduced price.

Scanners and Fax machine sales up 25% in UK due to postal strike

nec-fax-machine.jpgSome enterprising young PR has sent me a press release proclaiming that PC World and Curry’s have seen a 25% increase in sales of fax machines and scanners since the postal strike began. What, they still sell fax machines?! News to my ears, I thought they were all languishing in museums right about now.

Niall O’Keeffe, Marketing Director for PC World claims “We’ve seen a run on faxes and scanners, customers…

£40? For a camcorder? What, are Disgo nuts?!

Hang on, hang on. A video camera for less than £40? And it hasn’t fallen off the back of a truck? How on earth!?

It’s true, and you’ll be able to pick one up this weekend on the high street. Aimed, as most products are these days, at the YouTube generation, it’s a pocket-sized digital video camcorder which weighs no more than a mobile phone. Powered by two AA batteries, it’s simple to use, with only three buttons for one-touch recording…

PC World scraps free laptop offer after one month

pc_world_logo.gifPC World has scrapped its free laptop with Orange broadband package just one month after it was first launched, blaming huge demand for using up the “tens of thousands” of notebook PCs within weeks.

Many customers must have been of the same opinion as Jonathan, that the deal looked very good: “Let’s face it, who among us is ever going to turn down a free gift – especially when it’s worth up to £500.”

Now, those who faltered will have to take up PC World’s generous offer on their website’s apology page. “We’re Sorry. This deal has now ended. You can still take advantage of our great laptop deals at PC World…”

Gee thanks.