Scanners and Fax machine sales up 25% in UK due to postal strike

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nec-fax-machine.jpgSome enterprising young PR has sent me a press release proclaiming that PC World and Curry’s have seen a 25% increase in sales of fax machines and scanners since the postal strike began. What, they still sell fax machines?! News to my ears, I thought they were all languishing in museums right about now.

Niall O’Keeffe, Marketing Director for PC World claims “We’ve seen a run on faxes and scanners, customers have been flocking to buy them this week, many of them a vibrant shade of pillarbox red.” I presume he means the customers are red-faced in embarassment over being seen walking out with a PC World bag (containing a fax, no less), and not that the products themselves are red. Never seen a red fax machine before…

At least one good thing came out of this ruddy postal strike.

PC World

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