MyFax – faxing without the machine


Usually, they’re big, bulky, waste paper and add to the noise in the office. Yes, it’s the humble fax machine. But you don’t actually need the machine to fax if you use something like MyFax, which does it all via email and the web.

Ok, there’s a glaring omission here – what if you have to send copies of original documents by fax. Well, there’s possibly a way round that, but if that’s a big part of your business, you might be better off sticking to the old machine. But if you fancy saving a few trees, MyFax allows you to send, receive, store or forward faxes securely – and you can access your fax communications from anywhere, at any time.

The benefits include (obviously) the saving on a fax machine, no software installation, online storage of faxes, image quality (both send and receive faxes are exact replicas) and security, as all are password protected – so no faxes left lying around in the office for all to see.

MyFax is available from £7.50 per month or £82.50 per year, although prices increase depending on how many documents pass through the system. There is a free trial for the first 30 days for new customers in the UK who sign up before March 31st 2007.

MyFax website

Dave Walker
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