Fax machines aren't dead: they're just emailing your mobile phone

Mobile phones

nec-fax.jpgWhat are fax machines, anyway? I’m sure I saw one once, rusting in a corner at the last office I worked in. I think its main purpose was as a shagtable for illicit office-party couplings. Something like that, anyway.

Anyway, NEC is still making the things, and its new model can communicate with your mobile phone. The ‘Network Speax’ home fax machines turn your paper scribblings into PDFs and JPGs to send to a mobile phone, or PDFs, JPGs or TIFs to send to a PC.

“We hope the lineup will appeal to the elderly and children that are not good at e-mail operation using mobile phones and PCs,” says an NEC spokesperson. The fact that most modern kids are mobile-savvy enough to rewire a fax machine into a portable 3G basestation makes me wonder if NEC is barking up the wrong tree, here.

(via Tech-On)

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Stuart Dredge
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