Bonusprint to kill off MMS?

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The introduction of photo messaging onto UK networks two years ago was touted as the next big thing by the service providers. And while the networks themselves haven’t been forthcoming with the figures, analysts reckon that the revenue from these has been more than a little disappointing.

It turns out that people in the UK like to use their phones to take photos, but they have no interest in sending those photos to all and sundry via MMS. Instead, they’re just storing them on their phones to look at later, or show to friends when they see them in flesh.

Now that we’re starting to see one-megapixel camera phones, companies are eager to find new ways to cash in on consumer habits. The Guardian has an piece on Bonusprint’s new Mobile service, designed especially for mobile snappers.

The idea is that each image that you take is automatically uploaded to a personalised website (once you’ve downloaded the necessary software to your phone), allowing your to store and order prints online from there. Unlike MMS, which compresses the images sacrificing a little resolution, the Bonusprint image are the same resolution as when they were taken.

We have nothing but praise for the service which has been developed by UK company Cognima. The only downside is that the service is currently only available with Symbian phones like the Nokia 7610 and Sony Ericsson P900.

Cognima hopes to roll out a version for Java version later in the year.

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