Console your lost luggage grief at Heathrow Terminal Five with a 25% discount on Shure headphones

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terminal-5-gadgets.jpgIf you’re a member of the British Airways Executive Club, you would’ve received an email today announcing an “altogether unique shopping experience” at Heathrow Terminal Five.

Now, you wouldn’t get me down to Terminal Five for love or money, but if you’re an unfortunate sod who happened to book your holiday before checking the terminal at Heathrow you’re departing from, it may cheer you up slightly to hear that several electronics stores down there are offering sizeable discounts on products.

Dixons has 25% off all Shure headphones plus if you buy one Skoot travel accessory, you can get the second half price. PC World, on the other hand, is offering 25% off Lexar Lightning branded 4GB portable data devices. And if things get really bad down at Terminal Five, at least there’s always World Duty Free’s £10 saving on bottles of Glenlivet. You’ll need it to get through the pain, by the sounds of things.

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