Survive at the Five – Top 5 Gadgets to keep you sane at Heathrow Terminal 5

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You may have climbed Everest, you may have crossed the deserts, you may even have survived weeks in the jungle with only a sharpened mango for protection, but today we offer you five gadgets your life just may depend on, should you have to brave the toughest environment known to man – Heathrow Terminal 5.

1.)Bluebird luggage tracker – an ingeniously simple idea to keep you from the carousel-kicking until strictly necessary. The Bluebird, sadly only in concept at the moment, is a little bluetooth keyring attached to your luggage. When it comes into range, it sends a message to your phone letting you know your bags have arrived. With 28,000 bags already missing at T5, it’d be a godsend.

ds 200 pix.jpg2.)Downloads for the DS – of course all those bags have to pass through the chaos of security first, which could take some time, so don’t forget to take your DS with you because Nintendo struck a deal with a number of airports, meaning you can download new games for your handset. With over 150 flights already canceled, you’ll be needing every demo in the catalogue.

selkbag better 250.jpg3.)Selk ‘Bag – surviving the night and the sub-zero April temperatures are another thing altogether and the Selk ‘Bag is simply the ultimate in portable comfort. These wearable sleeping bags not only ensure that you can fall asleep in whatever cramped little corner you find yourself but also mean that no one else can steal your comfort while you go in search of provisions. They also look absolutely nails and provide hours of fun for you and two mates to do some Beastie Boys Intergalactic impressions. Worth every penny at a reasonable £84.99.

soundasleep pillow 200 pix.jpg4.)Sound asleep pillow – because you’re going to need some of that lullaby music to block out the screams and the arguments as mankind descends into its very worst around you. Designed to play music only you can hear, this £19.95 polyester piece of head comfort heaven can be plugged into any iPod or MP3 player and may just save your sanity, but to really block out the final horrors of the whole experience, I’d pick up a…

lights out sleep mask 200 pix.jpg5.)Lights out sleep mask – one of the biggest complaints of night guests at T5 is that it’s impossible to sleep with the bright strip lights burning 24/7 but this little beauty will have you sleeping like baby. The special contours around the nose mean that not so much as a chink of light can disturb. It’s pitch black every time you slip it on and, just as importantly, the mask doesn’t actually touch your eyelids, which allows space for the rapid eye movement of deep dream slumber. Just ask them to wake you up when they’ve sorted all the nonsense out.

Daniel Sung
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