Advent Netbook 4211: PC World launch home brand MSI Wind

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pc-world-netbook.jpgIf you were unlucky enough to miss out on the MSI Wind after wanting one so very, very badly, then fate has cast you a second chance in the form of the PC World home brand version, called the Advent Netbook 4211, which hits the shelves tomorrow.

This far more catchily named sub-notebook, I think we’ll all agree, has exactly the same credentials as the Wind with its 1.6GHz Atom chip, gig of RAM and 80GB of hard disk space and all at the bargain price of £279.99. Hard to tell how fast these ones will shift.

Miss out once on your netbook, shame on them; miss out twice and shame on you.

PC World (via Electric Pig)

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One thought on “Advent Netbook 4211: PC World launch home brand MSI Wind

  • I have an Advent netbook and am very pleased with it. It seems to have one fault. When I am typing, in any programme, the words keep jumping to other lines and sometimes to other programmes. I am perpetually having to cut and paste things back into place. This is somewhat irritating and I would like to know how to solve the problem. Any ideas?

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