Endemol producing 'Cell' made-for-mobile TV drama for O2

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cell-o2.jpgO2 has teamed up with Endemol to produce a new 20-episode TV show called ‘Cell’, which has been filmed exclusively for mobile phones. It kicks off tomorrow, with each episode being a bitesized two minutes long.

It’s a “high-action thriller” apparently, that blends live action with computer animation. “We’re applying production values normally associated with TV or film to a made-for-mobile series,” says Pasa Mustafa from Endemol subsidiary Digital Studios, which made the show. Previously, Endemol made a Sugababes behind-the-scenes mobishow for O2.

If you’re on O2, from tomorrow you’ll be able to get the first episode by texting CELL to 2020. Three episodes will come out each week, costing 50p a pop to watch, although there’s a deal where you can pay £3.50 for all 20, saving an impressive £6.50 in the process.

As someone who’s contributing £35 to O2’s coffers a month for my iPhone contract, can I be the first to ask if there’ll be a Safari-friendly streaming version for the likes of me?

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  • All,
    Just a note that you don’t have to be an O2 subscriber. You can get Cell on your phone by texting Cell to 63456

    Sean Coleman
    Executive Producer – Cell

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