Mobile TV on the rise – but operators struggling to generate revenue claims analyst

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According to a new report from media analysts Screen Digest claims that the demand for mobile TV is on the rise, but generating an income from the services is proving an issue for mobile operators.

According to ‘Mobile TV: Business Models and Opportunities’, subscriber numbers are set to increase dramatically – particularly in Europe and North America – with an estimated 140 million subscribers and revenues of 4.4bn Euros by 2011. North America will experience the biggest increase, growing its subscriber base 20 fold to 28.8 million and revenues as much as 50 fold to 1.8bn Euros by 2011.

That should mean money for all, but the mobile operators could miss out. Network operators need to offer mobile TV to remain competitive – and prices low enough to tempt people in. But the lion’s share of the income from offering mobile TV services will actually be shared between the handset manufacturers, software companies, content creators and network owners.

The report claims that the only way for operators to make money from mobile TV is to encourage pay-as-you-go customers to convert to contracts in order to access TV on the go. Although that’s easier said than done.

Download the full report as a PDF document

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