Analyst claims Apple may take issue with Nokia's new touchscreen S60 mobile

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Everyone’s competing with Apple in touch-sensitive interfaces, and if they’re not already, they’ve got a team of crack scientists working on it in super-secretive laboraties far, far away. It’s only fair that Nokia wants a piece of the smeary-fingerprint-pie, reportedly working on a new S60 handset which’ll feature a touch-screen.

However, analyst Richard Windsor claims Nokia may have some difficulty releasing the handset, as due to Apple’s patents on its touch-screen display, any phone Steve Jobs views as being a direct competitor will of course suffer from setbacks thrown at them from the company. Windsor has also taken a stab in the dark over whether Apple would attempt a lawsuit against Nokia over the handset, but seems to think they’re more likely to enter an agreement together over perhaps ‘borrowing’ the technology.

I wonder if the first TV manufacturer or radio maker was ever as petty as Apple?

(via Mac World)

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