Dell to release smartphone, bored analysts suggest


Let’s face it, it’s all a bit quiet in the technology world after the shock of running around Macworld and CES so soon after the festive overeating, so it’s not surprising that a few new speculations are surfacing.

Take the possibility of Dell making its own smartphone. That notion’s been around since almost the same time last year and has now resurfaced.

An analyst with Kaufman Brothers, Shaw Wu, says sources indicate that a Dell smartphone “is closer to reality than before”…

Idiot analyst predicts death of mouse by 2013


Just to clarify: that’s not one individual mouse – such as a cheeky, fun-loving rodent inhabiting said analyst’s house, much to the annoyance of his hapless, accident-prone cat. No he’s talking about the humble computer mouse, invented back in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart and probably now attached to over a billion personal computers even as I type this. No matter; Garter analyst Steve Prentice reckons that their final days will come in the next 3-5 years.

Analyst claims Apple may take issue with Nokia's new touchscreen S60 mobile

nokia-vs-apple.jpgEveryone’s competing with Apple in touch-sensitive interfaces, and if they’re not already, they’ve got a team of crack scientists working on it in super-secretive laboraties far, far away. It’s only fair that Nokia wants a piece of the smeary-fingerprint-pie, reportedly working on a new S60 handset which’ll feature a touch-screen.

However, analyst Richard Windsor claims Nokia may have some difficulty releasing the handset, as due…