Dell to release smartphone, bored analysts suggest

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dell-logo-black-and-white.pngLet’s face it, it’s all a bit quiet in the technology world after the shock of running around Macworld and CES so soon after the festive overeating, so it’s not surprising that a few new speculations are surfacing.

Take the possibility of Dell making its own smartphone. That notion’s been around since almost the same time last year and has now resurfaced.

An analyst with Kaufman Brothers, Shaw Wu, says sources indicate that a Dell smartphone “is closer to reality than before”.

“We believe it is likely inevitable that Dell enter the cellphone space given the cannibalisation of PCs by smartphones and highly functional mobile devices.”

Last year, some believed that Dell could use the open source Android platform, but given the company’s strong links with Microsoft it’s also likely that a handset would run Windows Mobile.

You can read the other breathtakingly interesting thoughts of analysts you’ve probably never heard of at the WIRED blog, including the perfectly reasonable question “Why would anyone want to buy a phone from Dell?” and the horrible generalisation “If you see the top devices launched in the last six months, there isn’t really much of a difference”.

Would you buy a phone from Dell?


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