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Force feedback and rumble heading to the next DS?

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McGraw-Hill boss lets slip Apple Tablet confirmation live on TV

Mr McGraw, you've really went and put your foot in it! With only hours left until the massively anticipated Apple announcement, Terry McGraw, CEO of publishing house McGraw-Hill has all but confirmed that Apple's secret project will be the Tablet….

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Do leaked patents reveal new iPhone?

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RUMOUR: Sony Ericsson Android handset leaked?


It seems like only minutes ago that we were reporting on Nokia’s possible Android-based smartphone. Oh, it was only minutes ago. Nevermind, you can never have too many Android smartphone rumours on a Monday morning – that’s what I always say.

The latest company to eye-up Android, give it a sly wink and cosy-up to it is Sony Ericsson. And a Danish website has the proof – or so they claim.

They’ve released a potentially leaked picture showing an Xperia-branded handset that supposedly will be running the Android OS. Codenamed Rachael, the smartphone is said to be powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and has HSPA. There is also an 8.1-megapixel camera, like the Sony Ericsson W995. No sign of a slide-out keyboard though.

No details of a release date or prices yet but, as ever, when we know we’ll tell you. We promise.

(via Engadget & Mobil)