Full HD BlackBerry tablet due by the end of the year?

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blackberry tablet.jpgA Full HD BlackBerry tablet may be in the works at RIM HQ if analyst Ashok Kumar of Rodman and Renshaw is to be believed.

Due before the year’s end, his sources tell him that the tablet would be about 7 inches in size with 2 cameras for video calling and a 1GHz Marvell processor.

If that processor turned out to be a Marvell Armada 610, RIM’s BlackBerry tablet could be a very capable machine indeed. The Armada 610 boasts full HD 1080p video playback, 16 MP photo capture, as well as the ability to show 3D content too.

Though we’re very much still in the rumour stages here, the BlackBerry tablet is proving quite a tricky unit to figure out. So far we’ve heard that it will act more or less as a companion device to a BlackBerry rather than a full on tablet PC, but these rumoured specs make it sound far more powerful than we initially thought for.

As ever, we’ll keep you posted if this one gets a bit more concrete in the coming weeks.

Via: CNet

Gerald Lynch
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