Apple to spark e-book pricing war with the Tablet?


tablet invite.jpgWith the Apple Tablet’s reveal all but inevitable, the Wall Street Journal are now reporting that Apple are trying to nab a number of publishing houses for a new e-book pricing scheme.

Putting the Tablet in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle, Apple are looking to introduce new $12.99, $14.99 and $9.99 price points for e-books. Just as with their apps, Apple would split profits 70/30 in favour of the publishers.

Amazon have seemed to be making preparations for a pricing war for some time. Though they too sell e-books on the iPhone through an app, their Kindle counter-attack has included slashing the prices of their e-books (even giving some away for free) and releasing a software development kit for the e-reader to encourage app-like Kindle add-ons to be made.

With Terry McGraw of McGraw-Hill all but confirming that his publishing house has struck a deal with Apple, it seems only natural that Jobs and co. would be approaching other book houses.

If the rumoured e-book touting Tablet proves real, it bodes well for Apple aficionados and Kindle owners alike, with prices sure to plummet as the competition hots up.

Gerald Lynch