Amazon's Texas Instruments chip based tablet landing in August?

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Amazon’s Android tablets have been getting the rumour mill churning almost as much as Apple gear so far this year. Yet another set of spec and release date gossip has landed this morning, courtesy once again of DigiTimes.

They claim to have been made privvy to a bunch of components heading to Amazon’s maufacturing plants, including a Texas Instruments processor – the first time we’ve heard the chip suppliers name mentioned alongside the Amazon tablet, which had previously been linked with NVIDIA.

DigiTimes are also saying that Quanta Computers will now be taking care of building the tablets,which will employ WinTek touch panels. The report says that Amazon are aiming to sell 4 million tablets this year, despite supposedly launching relatively late in the game during August.

Those are a massive figures, but the Kindle brand is a popular one. If Amazon can leverage it, there’s nothing to say they can’t become as synonymous with Android tablets as they are with e-readers.

Gerald Lynch
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