Lecia M9-P: World's smallest full-frame digital camera system

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Leica M9-P release-728-75.jpgBeautiful camera makers Lecia have announced to Magnum photographers gathered in Paris that they are soon to luanch the Lecia M9-P camera, the world’s smallest full-frame digital camera system.

Part of Lecia’s rangefinder portfolio aimed at photography pros, it has more or less the same specs as the aready-available Lecia M9, in a substantially reduced size. In other words you’re still getting the top-notch 18MP, 24x36mm sensor (35mm format), but in a more compact design.

There are a handful of new features though. A new anti-reflective coating on the LCD screen will make using the display in conditions with hgh brightness more viable, while a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covering will make the display pretty much unbreakable. A vulcanite leathertte finish completes the luscious design.

Due out this month, the Lecia M9-P will be available in silver chrome and black shades, with a £5,395 price tag.

Gerald Lynch
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