Angry Apple lawyers get worked up over the Tablet. Have they confirmed it's on its way?

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We may all be getting a bit sick of Apple Tablet news that amounts to nothing more than smoke without even a spark, let alone a fire, but here is some news that seems to all but confirm the highly anticipated gadget is on its way.

Earlier this week, the Gawker Media Valleywag blog put a $100,000 bounty up for anyone who could get an Apple Tablet into their eager mitts.

Following the Scavanger Hunt post, Apple’s legal team almost immediately got on the case, warning the site against “soliciting photos, video, or a sample of an unannounced and highly confidential Apple product.”

The lawyer’s letter went on to say: “While Apple values and appreciates vibrant public commentary about its products, we believe you and your company have crossed the line by offering a bounty for theft of Apple’s trade secrets. Such an offer is illegal and Apple insists that you immediately discontinue the Scavenger Hunt.”

If its out there, you can bet the Tablet is under Fort Knox-like protection night and day. Still, $100,000 seems a sufficient temptation for an Apple employee to take one walkies. No wonder the lawyers were getting hot under the collar, but in doing so, it looks like that they’ve pretty much made the Tablet a concrete, existing product. Hurray!

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