Asus's Kindle-killing DR-570 OLED e-reader unveiled

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asus DR 570.jpgAmazon’s Kindle DX may only just be hitting our shores, but Asus have already knocked the wind out its sails with the announcement of their own DR-570 e-reader.

Not content to just add another product to the growing e-reader pile, Asus look to be putting together a real winner with this one. It’ll be rocking a 6 inch colour OLED screen, have Flash video compatibility, Wi-Fi, 3G and a whopping 122 hour battery life.

While an OLED screen is sure to push the price up pretty high, Asus have a good track record for putting out affordable gear. And as the DR-570 is planned for a 2010 release, this might be an early candidate for this year’s Christmas wish list.

Via: Times Online

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