Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Edition revealed

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batman arkham asylum.jpgJeepers, Bat fans! The caped crusader is back for Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Edition.

Or at least that’s what a new listing from the BBFC seems to confirm. According to Joystiq, the classification board has given the go-ahead for the updated title to be released, so don’t expect some Mortal Kombat style gory finishing moves to have some how jumped into this new version.

It made Tech Digest’s Games of the Year 2009 list, and so I couldn’t be happier. But what new content will be thrown in to make this a worthy purchase? Well for a start, there’s plenty of DLC and platform specific content already doing the rounds. Insane Night, Prey in Darkness, Crime Alley and Dem Bones add-ons are already available, depending on what version you already own, not to mention the Joker as a playable character exclusively on the PS3.

But could a GOTY edition also throw out any more teasers for the planned Batman Arkham Asylum 2 sequel? So long as it has Mark Hamill spouting out new, frighteningly insane lines as the Joker, I’m in for the Game of the Year Edition either way.

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