Wireless Charging Dock Duo charges two Wii remotes cable-free

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wireless charging dock duo.jpgKamikaze gear are launching the Wireless Charging Dock Duo for the Nintendo Wii console, allowing two controllers to be charged simultaneously via induction.

It’s good news for clumsy Wii owners who cover their controllers in those rubbery casings to protect them; they’re a nightmare to get on and off to change batteries, a bit like trying to dress an Action Man when you were a kid. No need here, thanks to the induction method, with the controllers just slipping into the dock to charge.

There are also battery packs for the unit available that are compatible with the Wii Balance board. Now you can use all those old charge cables as skipping ropes for your Wii Fit regime!

The Duo charger is in stores now and costs £29.99. If you game by yourself, don’t let that extra dock mock your lonely heart; there’s a cheaper, single remote charging option for £19.99. Take that happy couples!

Gerald Lynch
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