3 gets new mobile TV on demand content thanks to Mobix Interactive deal


UK mobile provider 3 has announced that it will be able to offer a variety of new “on demand” mobile TV programmes including South Park, The Hills and Pimp My Ride UK.

Subscribers who want access to the new content, which bolts on to the existing “3 on Demand” service, can pay between £1.29 and £1.99 for a week’s access to an episode. Features include the ability to pause and resume shows…

Watch TV on your BlackBerry with free SlingPlayer Mobile beta


Sling Media has announced that it’s making its SlingPlayer Mobile software available for a range of BlackBerry devices from 30th December.

If you’ve got a BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8820, Curve 8320, Pearl Flip 8220 or Pearl 8120 then you’ll be able to download the public beta version for free from the SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry web site and start controlling your Slingbox while on the move…

AmberFin: Snell & Wilcox launches end-to-end content creation solution: good news for consumers


At first glance, the news that a well-established company which supplies services to the broadcast industry has launched a new service for handling video content may not seem particularly relevant to consumers. Yet Snell and Wilcox’s work is something that most TV viewers in Britain will have experienced even if they’ve never heard of the company.

Yesterday I spoke to Joe Zaller (VP Corporate Development) and Simon Derry (CEO) from S&W. It’s clear that broadcasters, ISPs and telecoms companies need a system like AmberFin if they’re to deliver digital video in a variety of formats to an ever more demanding consumer, in high quality, while still making money.

AmberFin should create a win-win situation for everyone…

Nokia's DVB-H standard adopted by EU as official mobile phone TV format

Mobile phone TV, eh? The amazing-for-30-seconds flash-in-the-pan literally nobody cares about? Well, somebody cares. Nokia cares. And the European Union cares. Together, they have just announced that the DVB-H digital format is now the preferred format for mobile telly in Europe. Hooray!

What this means for us is we’re about to get bombarded with promotional images of mobile phones showing football clips on, as everyone thinks men watching football clips is the only way to sell TV services. Like this:


Sorry this news is a bit dull and about digital TV formats…

Korea/Japan Week: The problem with DMB mobile digital TV…


Us Westerners know that South Korea is ahead of us in terms of mobile technology, but we often assume that everything that’s launched there is successful, simply because it’s innovative. It appears that’s not always the case though, with DMB a prime example.

It’s digital mobile TV, comparable to having a Freeview or Sky receiver in your mobile phone in the UK, rather than watching streaming TV over your 3G connection. S-DMB (satellite) and T-DMB (terrestrial) have been available in Korea since 2005, but both have encountered problems which are less to do with the technology, and more to do with how they actually make money.

Opinion: Mobile TV sucks (and it's not just Frank Lampard's fault)

stu-mugshot2.jpgStuart Dredge writes…

I’m feeling a bit guilty today, after my blast at Frank Lampard yesterday. Maybe it was a bit harsh talking about his cat-bum mouth and Barcelona-wannabe status.

After all, it wouldn’t take much for him to get me back onside – start playing well for England and don’t release any more autobiographies until he’s won a World Cup, and we’d be sweet.