Europeans not interested in mobile TV, claims Gartner

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It’s fair to say that the mobile TV backlash is well underway, since despite the promotional efforts of the mobile operators, us punters simply don’t seem keen. That’s backed up by a new study by industry analyst Gartner, which found that only 5% of Europeans are interested in watching TV or video on our phones in the next year.

Gartner says the reason is because you’re either stuck with a too-bulky phone with a big screen, or a normal-sized phone with a too-small screen. I still think that there’s no compelling reason to watch TV on your phone, since most operators are focusing on simulcasts of regular TV channels – a cool novelty, but arguably not something you’d pay a fiver a month for.

Does Gartner’s survey mean mobile TV is doomed to failure? No. It just means the mobile operators and broadcasters need to work extra hard to find new ways of persuading the 95% of us who are shunning mobile TV to give it a try.

(via I4U News)

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