Nokia's DVB-H standard adopted by EU as official mobile phone TV format

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Mobile phone TV, eh? The amazing-for-30-seconds flash-in-the-pan literally nobody cares about? Well, somebody cares. Nokia cares. And the European Union cares. Together, they have just announced that the DVB-H digital format is now the preferred format for mobile telly in Europe. Hooray!

What this means for us is we’re about to get bombarded with promotional images of mobile phones showing football clips on, as everyone thinks men watching football clips is the only way to sell TV services. Like this:


So there you go. Europe now has a mobile TV standard, although it’s not the same as Japan’s. Or America’s. And it’s only a recommendation – none of the operators actually have to use it if they’d rather stick with their own formats. Which is quite a silly idea.

Sorry this news is a bit dull and about digital TV formats no one’s ever going to use except by accident when the phone’s put in a pocket without first locking the keypad, but there are quite a few bearded men out there that get quite excited about this sort of stuff. This update is for them.

(Via Reuters)

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