iRecorder- record your movies and TV shows onto your iPod

Personal video players

A few of these of these devices competing for your cash right now, with the iRecorder the latest to offer an easy way to convert your film and TV favourites to MPEG-4, which means TV and movies on the move.

Just connect to your TV and portable player and you can use your player as a DVD recorder – one you can take with you. It will also record from analogue TV, cable, a set-top box, satellite receiver box, DVD or camcorder and with an AV OUT, you can watch your recording back on any TV too. How you can record depends on how much space you have spare on your iPod/media player – for every 1GB of storage that your iPod has, the iRecorder will give you 3 hours of footage.

Available now, it retails £99.95.


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