Samson H2 digital audio recorder – perfect tool for bootlegging gigs


Once, you needed to smuggle in a huge cassette-based recorder or be mates with the sound engineer for a recording of a gig. Thee days you can get top-notch live sound from the Samson H2 digital audio recorder.

Ok, it also has uses for recording your band or just as a voice recorder, but we know where this is really pitched. It features four built in microphones for 360 degree sound recording, allowing you to capture audio in 5.1 surround sound – and you can record ‘live music’ (they even admit it) in WAV or MP3 onto SD cards. A 4GB card offers 138 hours of CD quality MP3 recording. Although the batteries limit you to about four hours at a time.

Also available is front or rear recording, instant playback (via headphones) and all the add-ons (1/8 inch stereo to RCA cable, mic clip adapter, tripod stand, USB cable and AC adapter). Yours for $199.99, which is around £100.


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