The PSP Skype microphone and headset combi – finally pictured properly


The excruciatingly slow drip-drip-drip news of the arrival of PSP Skype finally reaches its DRAMATIC CONCLUSION today, with this – an official picture of the mess of cables, headphones, bendy call-centre microphone and little in-line volume controller needed to operate it.

Those cables are going to get amazingly tangled up in your bag. Even left alone on a table. Surely any benefit that might come from being able to make free Skype calls on your PSP would be outweighed by the man-hours invested in having to untangle all that cabling each time you want to make a call?


Still, it’s white, and a bit silver, and quite cool looking. It even says “PSP” on the volume controller too so you won’t get confused by it all, and those headphones? Don’t they just look amazingly comfortable? Even if they are alerting potential muggers to all the desirable and eBay-able technology you’ve got in your bag?


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Gary Cutlack
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  • hi im having trouble because im on skype nd i can hear the other person but they cnt hear me but wen im on my computer skype i cn hear them nd they can hear me so is there a mic onn the psp? x

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