UK iTunes prices to come down by 10% – thanks to EU pen-pushers


itunes-uk-prices-cut-10-percent.jpgHooray for European bureaucracy for once!

Apple has agreed to cut its UK iTunes prices by 10%, following pressure from the European Union’s anti-trust watchdog.

Prices for iTunes purchases are 10% higher in the UK than they are in mainland Europe – which is unacceptable behaviour for companies within the modern, free European market, according to EU bosses who brought the anti-trust case to Apple.

But Apple’s not happy. It says it has to pay record companies more to distribute their music in the UK, so the EU decision is NOT FAIR – and the powerful tech company will start asking UK labels to charge it less to sell their songs as a result of the EU decision. It could, quite possibly, turn a bit nasty, this one.

But still, Apple is abiding by the EU’s request – and will cut UK iTunes prices by 10% within the next six months.

“The Commission is very much in favour of solutions which allow consumers to benefit from a truly single market for music downloads,” EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said in a statement about the happy news for fans of legitimate music purchasing.

(Via Yahoo!)

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