Apple close to launching iTunes movie rental service, "sources" claim

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ituneslogo.jpgAccording to unnamed sources cited by a Financial Times article published last week, Apple could be very close to announcing a movie rental service via its iTunes music store.

We’ve already written about rumours of such a move though that was based on geeks perusing web site source code. This is the Financial Times, so it must hold some more clout. Right?

Twentieth Century Fox is reportedly one studio which has already agreed to make its films available to rent digitally via iTunes.

Apparently, Apple has also licensed its FairPlay copy-protection system, which could then be built in to Fox’s DVD releases and allow users to transfer movies from the disc to computer or iPod. Erm, hands up who remembers Sony’s disc borking exercise?

In any case, don’t get too excited (if indeed you were) because, based on how long it usually takes Apple’s digital content services to appear in the UK, it’ll be 2009 before we get a sniff of it.

(Via CNN)

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