Surprise, surprise: your boss doesn't want you on iTunes, Facebook and YouTube, sez McAfee


dating-site-banned.jpgMcAfee, the little do-gooder sprites which keep your PC bathed in a healthy glow, has released some interesting findings today sharing all the URLs your bosses don’t want you to be accessing at work. And my, are they…well, predicatable.

Music downloading sites and online dating sites trump the list of websites IT Managers are constantly having to block, with 36% of companies not allowing access to them.

At 24%, YouTube, Last FM and similar video/music content sharing sites are just as unpopular with the man who pays your bills, and Facebook and other social networking sites just slide in below the radar, with only 21% of companies blocking access.

As much as we bitch and groan, believing our 56-year old past-her-prime boss is merely jealous we can pick up partners for strange sex acts on dating sites, the reason behind blocking such sites seems to be due to IT Managers telling the bosses these sites can spread viruses or encourage spam.

Obviously no Christmas cards for your web monkeys this year, as they’re to blame for you being unable to poke your friends on the ‘book. Psssf.


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Katherine Hannaford
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