Sony UK sort of cuts price of PlayStation3 – starts offering £40 discount on 40GB model


If you really, really must have a PlayStation3 right now, you might want to buy yourself one via Sony’s online shop – as it’s currently offering a £40 discount on its cheapest model.

The deal takes the RRP of the Blu-ray-playing “entry level” 40GB machine down to an almost reasonable £249 including free delivery, with a nearly tempting…

DO NOT BUY A PLAYSTATION3 JUST YET – Sony's planning a price cut in March 2009


Here’s an amusing little faux pas to add to the 2.4MB, 124-page-long document I carry around with me at all times on a memory stick documenting all of Sony’s errors regarding PS3.

At a recent employee meet, the company apparently told its staff that PS3 would start to be “more competitive in price” from March of 2009, telling everyone the expensive Blu-ray console will be a little more affordable next Easter – and damaging sales from now until then, we’d imagine, as credit-crunched gamers beneath the fuel poverty line hold out for a price cut.

The report also revealed that Uncharted 2 would be shown to the world and that LittleBigPlanet would be announced for PSP, both in March ’09…

When rumours become FACTS – Xbox 360 only £129 from this Friday


And that is OFFICIAL. No more relying on dodgy scans and the assurances of 13-year-olds on internet forums. Xbox 360 Arcade, the non-hard drive model of the console, will cost £129 from this Friday.

The 60GB hard drive one, which Microsoft refers to as the plain old “Xbox 360” is also coming down in price, to £169, with the all-black Elite worrying PlayStation3’s arse by costing only £229. The war has just got DIRTY. Here’s what Microsoft’s chief European war commander, Neil Thompson, said…

Xbox 360 price cut – £159.99 in the UK from Friday


Crikey, that is cheap. Cheaper than the Wii and nearly half what Sony’s charging for a PlayStation3.

Of course, the new £159 refers to the entry level “Arcade” Xbox 360, which doesn’t come with a hard drive. But it does, fortunately, come with a 256MB memory card, so you’re still able to save your games. And a wireless controller. So you can play them…