When rumours become FACTS – Xbox 360 only £129 from this Friday


xbox-360-arcade-129-uk-price-cut.jpgAnd that is OFFICIAL. No more relying on dodgy scans and the assurances of 13-year-olds on internet forums. Xbox 360 Arcade, the non-hard drive model of the console, will cost £129 from this Friday.

The 60GB hard drive one, which Microsoft refers to as the plain old “Xbox 360” is also coming down in price, to £169, with the all-black Elite worrying PlayStation3’s arse by costing only £229. The war has just got DIRTY. Here’s what Microsoft’s chief European war commander, Neil Thompson, said…

“Xbox 360 has now sold over 20 million consoles worldwide and due to its unprecedented success, we are now able to pass on the rewards of that success to the consumer with a new retail pricing from £129.99. With more games, more entertainment with Xbox LIVE and now even more value, we are looking forward to welcoming more customers into the leading Next Generation console, Xbox 360.”

Nintendo’s Wii, in comparison, remains at its launch RRP of £179, although you ought to get yourself a free game thrown in these days. PlayStation3 is about £299, or, in layman’s terms, doomed.

(Via Xboxer)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • £229

    + £50 for wi-fi adaptor
    + £35 for online


    …and just forget about using your Bluetooth headsets, watching Hi-Def discs or self-upgradeable HDD’s for use as NAS. The bigger picture *still* has the PS3 as the real value for money console even *without* price cuts.

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