Xbox 360 price drop for US and Japan – no word on UK or Europe


xbox_360.jpgI said it in header. The Xbox 360 prices have been slashed in the two of the big three markets and, currently, all fingers and toes are crossed in hope that we get the same treatment over here.

The chances are pretty good but all the same £224 ($399) for the 120GB Xbox 360 Elite has got me rather jealous next to the present UK tag of 260 spot. The other models see reductions from £199 to £168 ($299) for the new 60GB Xbox 360 and it’ll be just £112 ($199) for the Xbox 360 Arcade – so cheap, I might buy two.

t’s now cheaper, in fact, than the cheapest console currently on the cheap market, namely the Nintendo Wii that sits on the shelves under the guard of £140 ($249) right now. Of course, that still doesn’t mean that the Xbox is going to outsell the Wii, something which the senior vice-president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment division, Don Mattrick, told Business Week.

“I’m not at a point where I can say we’re going to beat Nintendo,” he said, “but we will sell more consoles this generation than Sony.” Well, to be far to the PS3, Microsoft did have 12 month’s head start.

All the same, every time they reduce the cost of the Xbox 360, the more popular it gets, and the more popular it gets, the more your mates start to convince you to join them on the virtual playing field and buy one for yourself and so on.

As I say, there’s been no announcement as yet about the cuts coming over to the EU but I have a feeling I’ll be updating this post soon or writing a new one tomorrow.

(via CNet)

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One thought on “Xbox 360 price drop for US and Japan – no word on UK or Europe

  • If it’s US$200, that translates to GBP250.

    Microsoft Japan is already actually paying people to take the machines, with little success. “We hope more people will be able to enjoy Xbox 360,” said marketing marketer Takashi Sensui, “and we can stop enjoying quite so many of them. We also have this fine pile of HD-DVD drives … Wait! Come back!”

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