The latest burning tech: Sony recalls dodgy Vaio laptops

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sony_vaio_tz_on_fire.jpgCast your mind back to the number of notebook batteries recalled last year due to the risk of them exploding and taking out delicate bits of anatomy on the way.

One seriously affected company was Sony, and it seems the company’s woes aren’t over yet. It’s just recalled 73,000 Vaio TZ-Series laptops sold in the US because of the potential risk of a short-circuit of wires near the hinge that could lead to users being burnt.

The telltale sign of a problem is if there’s a loose screw in the hinge. Loose, possibly, because it’s been touching up electric cables.

Mind you, nothing’s really safe is it? An iPhone user has allegedly scalded themselves on an overheating handset, and rumour has it that everyday household appliances like kettles, toasters, irons, and cookers get very hot, while gas hobs spew out flames in an almost completely predictable manner.

Let’s be careful out there, folks.

(Via The Register)

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