Nissan develop Spidey-sense for cars. Cars will now sense danger so you don't have to.

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nissan.jpegYesterday Nissan previewed a clever new sensor technology that does more than just beep when you’re in imminent danger – it actually intervenes a little bit.

Sensors are put into the driver’s blind spots – typically to the immediate sides and just behind the driver’s seat – to detect if you’re getting dangerously close to any other vehicles. Presumably if the technology is adapted for white vans, this mean will mean that everywhere but straight-ahead will be covered in danger sensors.

If the system notices that you’re in danger it will try and “deter” you from doing whatever it is that is dangerous. For example, if you are changing lanes and a car is in the space you want to move into, then a “break-resistance” device will kick in and the breaks will vibrate slightly to warn you of this.

Fortunately, the motorist can override the car’s advice if they think they know better than the car, or just wish to drive dangerously.

Speaking as a man who once wrote off a Nissan Micra on Christmas Day (true story), I think this technology is long overdue.

(via Reuters)

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  • For White vans the system will intervene to ensure that the most dangerous and pointless maneuver can be undertaken just that little bit later.

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