New D-pad for the new green Xbox 360 controller


xbox-green-controller.jpgIt’s not the much-rumoured motion-sensing controller, but the ol’ Xbox 360 pad is about to get an upgrade in the form of a lick of paint and a new D-pad. The new controller has been “optimized” for Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series, and should make the d-pad a more viable option for controlling games that make use of it.

However, if you’re jumping for joy because you despise the existing d-pad beyond imagination, then you might want to look away now. The new pad is apparently just a limited-edition promotional item which will only be available in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The pad will likely be released on the 24th October. No word on pricing, yet. When’s the motion-sensing one coming out, Microsoft?

(via Electric Pig)

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Duncan Geere
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  • I agree, i hate the thought of a motion sensing device for the 360. The Wii has seen a huge mass of cheep games that wouldn’t pass as anything other than freeware or cheep shareware in the pc market. It would be sad if the xbox360 was to suffer the same fate which i’m sure it would if a motion sensing device was launched. More cheep gimicky games, more cheep gamerscore. Lets keep the 360 a place for the gamers and let the young kids and first time gamers have their motion sensing fix with the Wii.

    • Interesting point of view – I’m a long-time PC gamer, but I still really want a Wii!

      I think that game quality and control method aren’t related, really. There are loads of good games for the Wii and the DS, even if the majority are a load of guff.

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