Concept music phone transforms into a small box

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concept-box-phone.jpgIt’s always disappointing seeing crazy concept products – there’s an initial “whoa! how awesome is that?” rush, but it’s always followed by a quick “oh. It’s just a concept.” realization. This phone – the “Box To Play” from Japan’s KDDI AU Design Project – looks amazing but will likely never see life outside a laboratory.

The Box To Play merges an mp3 player with a regular mobile phone. You can make calls and text on it, and it has a camera, but there’s also a music device on it. You can rub your finger over it to “scratch” the music, should you so wish, but far cooler is the ability to fold out into a box shape, which then displays a graphic equalizer. Nice.

If you can battle your way through the Japanese flash site, then there’s a great video on the official website of the collection.

KDDI AU Design Project (via DVICE)

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