UPDATED: Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in Japan… Climate scientists watching carefully to see if hell freezes over


Thumbnail image for xbox_360.jpgThe XBox 360 finally has something to be happy about in Japan, as for one week only it has managed to outsell the PS3 after adopting a new marketing strategy thought to be known as “making games that Japanese people actually want to play”.

For the week ending the 10th August, the Microsoft managed to sell 28,116 consoles compared to Sony’s 10,705. The Wii is still miles ahead of the pack though, having shifted 41,044 the same week, but this is still something Microsoft can be pleased with, as weekly sales of the 360 often languish in the hundreds and not the thousands.

The spike in demand unsurprisingly isn’t due to yet another new World War II first-person shooter but because of the release of a new RPG made by Namco that’s exclusive to the 360, Tales of Vesperia.

The game itself looks like your typical Final Fantasy-esque RPG thing – the sort of thing people who give themselves “animé” nicknames lap up – and it scored well with Japanese gaming “bible” Famitsu too, receiving scores of 9, 9, 9 and 8 from its four reviewers, which is pretty good – and may be what encouraged all of those people to go for Microsoft’s console.

UPDATE: Turns out that Japan has completely run out of Xbox 360 consoles!

(via Yahoo News)

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