DO NOT BUY A PLAYSTATION3 JUST YET – Sony's planning a price cut in March 2009

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ps3-sobbing-red-tears.jpgHere’s an amusing little faux pas to add to the 2.4MB, 124-page-long document I carry around with me at all times on a memory stick documenting all of Sony’s errors regarding PS3.

At a recent employee meet, the bungling company apparently told its staff that PS3 would start to be “more competitive in price” from March of 2009, telling everyone the expensive Blu-ray console will be a little more affordable next Easter – and damaging sales from now until then, we’d imagine, as credit-crunched gamers beneath the fuel poverty line hold out for a price cut…

The report also revealed that Uncharted 2 would be shown to the world and that LittleBigPlanet would be announced for PSP, both in March ’09.

Sony said it wouldn’t comment on the rumours, but inadvertently almost-confirmed this today, thanks to Euro boss David Reeves emailing his staff reminding them not to leak important company news to the internet.

That email was promptly leaked to the internet, placing a cherry-red mess on top of the original shambles.

(Via VG247)

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