Medion brings 1TB of storage to the budget end of the market with its AKOYA P7300D

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medion-akoya-P7300D.jpgThe MEDION AKOYA P7300D is a bit of a beast. It packs in a 2.33GHz Intel Q8200 Core 2 Quad processor, Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit edition, a more-than-even-Vista-needs 4GB of DDR II SDRAM RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

Those BIG, MACHO NUMBERS are made to look even bigger by the AKOYA’s relatively tiny price of just £499.99. It’ll only be available at budget imported German baked beans shifter Aldi, appropriately enough, where it launches on November 27.

Tech Digest’s Duncan Geere, who knows a lot about computers, said the P7300D’s NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT graphics card is a bit of a weak point in the package. But with its DVI/HDMI outputs and more than enough processor power to handle HD media playback, it’ll still make a more than decent home cinema machine – especially as it also boasts a triple-format analogue, DVB-T and DVB-S tuner for use as a PVR. And a media remote control.

(Via Medion)

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