Samsung cranks out 32GB DDR3 RAM sticks


Samsung has managed to cram 32GB of memory onto a single RAM stick, by developing a 4Gb RAM chip (4Gb = 512MB). The 32GB capacity is possible by shoehorning two 16GB modules onto one unit. Of course the real effect will probably be an increase in the availability of 16GB RAM sticks, which are much easier and cheaper to create.

Considering most people still run 32-bit operating systems, which can cope with a maximum of 3.8GB of RAM, this development is one to file under ‘wait a few years’, especially as most people will likely plump for 32-bit Windows 7 for compatibility reasons. Despite the scientific progress, the market is still stuck in the 2GB – 4GB range that it has been for a couple of years.

(via Gizmodo)

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Medion brings 1TB of storage to the budget end of the market with its AKOYA P7300D


The MEDION AKOYA P7300D is a bit of a beast. It packs in a 2.33GHz Intel Q8200 Core 2 Quad processor, Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit edition, a more-than-even-Vista-needs 4GB of DDR II SDRAM RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

Those BIG, MACHO NUMBERS are made to look even bigger by the AKOYA’s relatively tiny price of just £499.99. It’ll only be available at budget imported German baked beans shifter Aldi, appropriately enough, where it launches on November 27…

Do policemen dream of electric sheep?


A traffic jam caused by a runaway sheep in North Wales was solved by police using a Taser. The police offer in question, when faced with the problem of how to move a sheep out of the road, inexplicably decided the best course of action was to pull out his “non-lethal” electricity stun gun, zap the poor beast, and carry it to the side of the road, still twitching…

Acer Aspire PREDATOR – Quad-Core, SLI, RAID and the all-important flashing blue LEDs

Acer’s upcoming Aspire PREDATOR desktop line-up is all based around specs. It’s for people who like specs, know their specs and can tell you what the clock speed of their computer’s RAM is and the average temperature of their CPU. And the brand of the glue adhering the CPU to the motherboard. And the type of motherboard. And the PSU capacity. You get the idea.

The PREDATOR (their capital letters, not mine for once) comes in a “deep metallic copper coloured housing perfectly representing the power it encloses,” with the moving front masking a DVD and Blu-ray burner. Here’s what a PC with a moving front looks like:


It looks INSANE. Acer’s Easy-swap technology lets you pop open the front and remove the Serial ATA hard drives…