Acer Aspire PREDATOR – Quad-Core, SLI, RAID and the all-important flashing blue LEDs


Acer’s upcoming Aspire PREDATOR desktop line-up is all based around specs. It’s for people who like specs, know their specs and can tell you what the clock speed of their computer’s RAM is and the average temperature of their CPU. And the brand of glue adhering the CPU to the motherboard. And the type of motherboard. And the PSU capacity. You get the idea.

The PREDATOR (their capital letters, not mine for once) comes in a “deep metallic copper coloured housing perfectly representing the power it encloses,” with the moving front masking a DVD and Blu-ray burner. Here’s what a PC with a moving front looks like:


It looks INSANE. Acer’s Easy-swap technology lets you pop open the front and remove the Serial ATA hard drives (should the police be outside and you need to burn them in a hurry), with the ludicrously quick 10,000rpm Raptor drives fully RAID compatible for storage space beyond your wildest movie-ripping fantasies.

It’s also liquid-cooled, Quad-Core compatible, has SLI twin graphic card capabilities and, crucially in a POWER-GAMING PC, is covered in blue LEDs so everyone knows you’ve paid through the teeth to get a better frame rate in Warcraft.

(Via Acer)

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