Samsung cranks out 32GB DDR3 RAM sticks

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samsung-ddr3-32gb.jpgSamsung has managed to cram 32GB of memory onto a single RAM stick, by developing a 4Gb RAM chip (4Gb = 512MB). The 32GB capacity is possible by shoehorning two 16GB modules onto one unit. Of course the real effect will probably be an increase in the availability of 16GB RAM sticks, which are much easier and cheaper to create.

Considering most people still run 32-bit operating systems, which can cope with a maximum of 3.8GB of RAM, this development is one to file under ‘wait a few years’, especially as most people will likely plump for 32-bit Windows 7 for compatibility reasons. Despite the scientific progress, the market is still stuck in the 2GB – 4GB range that it has been for a couple of years.

(via Gizmodo)

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  • “… (4Gb = 512MB).”.
    What an absolutely moronic idiot this guy is.
    Next he’ll be telling you that 3=5 and 1=7.

  • “… (4Gb = 512MB).”.What an absolutely moronic idiot this guy is.Next he'll be telling you that 3=5 and 1=7.

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