Sony doubles capacity of Memory Stick Micro (M2) to 8GB


sony_memory_stick_micro.jpgMemory cards aren’t very exciting, but they are pretty important, so it’s good news for mobile users that Sony has doubled the capacity of its Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards to 8GB.

Sony claims the 8GB card will allow mobile device users to store over 5,000 fine quality five megapixel photos, over 2000 MP3 songs, or over 88 hours of high quality MPEG4 video.

Additionally, every 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB M2 card now comes with an M2 USB adaptor for easily connecting the card directly to a PC.

Available now, pricing to be confirmed. As a special promotion, Sony is offering a free WAP download of Gameloft’s Brain Challenge 2 with every purchase over the summer.


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Andy Merrett
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  • I know, I got so tired of yet another proprietary Sony standard keeping me back that I ditched my K800i and upgraded to an N82.

    Standard memory and a standard audio jack. Hurrah!

  • I’m not sure you can get these “M2” cards in anything above 8GB? And if you’re stuck with a Sony Ericcson mobile phone that only takes them…

  • They’re a bit flippin’ late. Sandisk MicroSDHC are launching 16’s this month.

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