Xbox 360 "Jasper" hardware variants spotted in the wild – efficient and with built-in memory for game saves


Microsoft’s been fiddling with the internal organs of its Xbox 360 again, with the long-rumoured “Jasper” hardware re-jig apparently rolling out across the world right now.

The new Xbox 360 – as found and disassembled by a user on Xbox-Scene – features a lower-Wattage PSU (150W instead of 175W) that’ll keep Greenpeace happy when it does its next name & shame list.

But the most thrilling enhancement for you, humble end user, is the addition of 256MB of internal flash memory…

PNY launches SDHC memory cards aimed at netbook users


PNY has managed to re-brand the humble SDHC memory card, calling it an SDHC NetBook Memory Card, and aiming it at netbook PC users who want to increase the capacity of their lowly portable machines.

Forget that SDHCs are used in a variety of portable devices already. PNY’s SDHC NetBook Memory Card comes in 8GB and 16GB capacities so is perfect for upgrading the oft-minimal built-in storage of netbook computers.

Next month, PNY is even going to upgrade its range of cards to suit netbook users. Can you tell that I’ve run out of things to say about memory cards and netbooks?

PNY launches "mobility pack" for its MicroSD cards


Over the past few years, there’s been a vast army of competing memory card formats, fuelling an army of card-reader devices that let you use the most popular formats. Luckily the industry seems to be settling on SD cards as a universal format, but the choice still remains between SD, MiniSD, and the tiny MicroSD. Reports that the NanoSD, FemtoSD and YoctoSD cards are forthcoming are all false…

Microsoft offers memory cards and subsidised hard drives to low-end Xboxers

xbox360.jpgOwners of spec-challenged Xbox 360s hoping to get onboard the new Experience are being handed a lifeline by Microsoft. The company has graciously decided to give away free 512MB memory cards, or dirt cheap 20GB hard drives, to anyone with a pitiful Xbox having less than 128MB of storage space.

Active Xbox users can get the hard drive for £12.99, while inactive ones must pay £19.99…