PNY launches "mobility pack" for its MicroSD cards

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pny-mobility-pack.jpgOver the past few years, there’s been a vast army of competing memory card formats, fuelling an army of card-reader devices that let you use the most popular formats. Luckily the industry seems to be settling on SD cards as a universal format, but the choice still remains between SD, MiniSD, and the tiny MicroSD. Reports that the NanoSD, FemtoSD and YoctoSD cards are forthcoming are all false.

It’s nice then, that PNY realises what a headache all these different formats are for the consumer, and they’ve launched a ‘mobility pack’ to simplify matters. It includes a 1, 2 or 4GB microSD card, an adaptor to plug that card into a miniSD or SD card slot, and, best of all, a USB adaptor on a keychain, so that you can use the microSD card just like it’s a USB stick.

The mobility pack is available now from Currys and PC World, as well as their online stores, though I’ll confess that on a quick search of the sites I couldn’t find it yet. Prices on Google product search range from £8 or so for the 1GB model, to £18 for the 4GB model. Expect that to increase in the actual high street shops.

PNY Mobility Packs

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