MicroSD just got bigger – 16GB SanDisk MicroSDHC for £44.99

Mobile phones, USB Memory

SanDisk-16GB-microsd.jpgWell looky what we got here. Thanks to the keen eyes of Mr Leon Rawlins we’ve got a little good news for those of the feeling that you just can’t cram enough data on your mobile phone, which is pretty much all of us as it goes.

SanDisk has extended the range of their microSDHC memory cards to give us a full 16GB of storage on our nice new smartphones. What with applications about to fall from the sky with the opening of the Android App Market, we’re going to need all the space we can get.

No official word from SanDisk but it’s true, you can buy one for yourself. A press release might have been nice but then it’s good to know that the TD readers are out there keepin’ ’em peeled. Cheers Leon.


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Daniel Sung
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