Computex, Tapei 2015: Sandisk enters portable storage market with drives for 4K video

SanDisk Corporation has entered the portable storage market with a family of external drives, including the SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable SSDs and the SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSDs, the company’s new pocket-sized, rugged drives. Unveiled at Computex 2015 in Tapei The SanDisk Extreme 900 drives offer speeds of up to nine times faster than a portable hard drive, while…

CES 2009: Sansa slotRadio – 1000 "hand-picked" songs, you'll hate 95% of em


I’m developing a bit of a love/hate relationship with Sandisk. They swing wildly from releasing great, innovative stuff, to wasting plastic on awful products. Unfortunately slotRadio falls into the latter category.

Sansa slotRadio is an MP3 player that comes with 1000 songs pre-loaded. It’s essentially a music player for people who’ve got absolutely no interest in what music playing, as long as there’s something in the background. The songs come on a Sandisk microSD card, but they’re tied to the card with DRM, so you can’t do anything else with them. If you work your way through the thousand, then you can buy 1,000 more for $40 (£26).

My advice? Save your cash and stick to In the meantime, go check out our other CES coverage here.

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Sandisk reveals one-button-backup USB flash drives


Now that flash memory has got to a price competitive with mechanical storage, we’re starting to see it crop up in all sorts of places. One of those places is backup, where the speed of the memory presents a clear advantage over a traditional disk drive.

With that in mind, Sandisk has brought out a new backup-focused USB drive, which is the first in the world to work its magic with just a button press – no software installation needed. The capacities aren’t huge yet – the biggest is 64GB – but that should cover the contents of ‘My Documents’ for the vast majority of consumers.

The SanDisk Ultra Backup will go on sale in April, and cost between $40 (£28) and $200 (£137) depending on the size you plump for. How big is your “My Documents” folder? How about when you don’t include the porn? Let us know in the comments.

Sandisk Press Release

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Samsung considers SanDisk: looking to grow PMP share or just trying to save money?


A recent online report, later confirmed by the company, suggests that Samsung is looking to buy SanDisk, known for its memory and music player products.

It’s not clear exactly what Samsung’s motives are, with the official statement simply stating “We are looking at various opportunities regarding SanDisk (NSDQ: SNDK), but nothing has been decided yet.”

It could be that Samsung wants to build upon its YP Series of PMPs, get a piece of the SanDisk PMP pie, or simply that it would like to pay less (or nothing at all) in ongoing licensing fees for NAND and DRAM flash chips — it currently shells out around $353.8m each year…

Store up to 8GB of songs and video with the new SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 players


Some might call this range from SanDisk ‘fun’. Personally, I think they’re a visual stick-shoved-in-the-eyeballs, but each to their own. The Sansa Fuze range is finally launching in the UK after being available over the pond since mid-March, but I think the company might have some competition on their hands with the Creative Zen Stones, and Samsung Pebbles. Not to mention those Apple iPod Nanos, either…

Available in three storage capacities – 2GB, 6GB and 8GB, they have 1.9″ colour screens, and can play music plus video. Why you’d want to on a screen that size is beyond me, however. An FM tuner with 40 preset stations, inbuilt voice recorder,…

Transfer songs easily from your PC to mobile's microSD/SDHC/M2 memory card with SanDisk's Mobile Ultra


Speaking of memory, the industry’s darlings SanDisk have shown off a clever way of transferring data to and from your phone, the SanDisk Mobile Ultra.

Offered in microSD/SDHC and M2 forms, the kit comes with a USB adapter which you can slot the teeny cards into, and transfer the data to and from your PC via the USB port. They’re not fooling around with the storage capacities either, advertising 2GB, 4GB and 8GB varieties. With prices ranging…